Day 0

Today I write this to start a new journey. Even though I have failed hundreds of time during my 25 years on this Earth, I will try again because suicide is not an option.

So first things first, I have to get my thoughts in order, it’s a clusterfuck pu there. Last night I had an Idea I’ll try to execute it, hope it helps.

Until later.


Ghost Recon Wildlands

Does Tom Clancy ring a bell , well if you saw movies or read books or even played games I’m sure you’d heard of him. Ghost Recon Wildlands is the thirteenth installment in the ghost recon series. With the disappointment in previous tom Clancy’s the division the hopes are high with this one. Ghost recon wildlands is an open world third-person tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft and it is the first time that a ghost recon game is taking an open world approach. The game has features like day and night cycles, dynamic weather conditions which had to be taken into account while doing missions. Your team also know as the “THE GHOSTS” are dropped deep into Bolivia. A country ruled by drug cartel Santa Blanca and it’s higher private army UNIDAD. The Ghost are four veterans equipped with high-end tech and a ton of weapons.The wildlands doesn’t feel like it’s predecessors because of the shift to an open world, there are multiple missions available at any time and players feel free to tackle objective using any method from any direction. This brings out a more chaotic playstyle.

The Far Cry Effect


Far Cry’s influence over wildlands in unquestionable. The open world map consists of a number of colored icons highlighting the current objectives.Such as eliminating Santa Blanca’s scenarios . There are also a vast majority of side quests like Far cry’s radio tower. Moreover the story of an outsider teaming up with a local resistance to tackle an enemy uprising . Even Bolivia’s landscape looks familiar to that of far cry such as the dense forests from far cry 3.

Who’s driving?


The vehicles are vital in wildlands even just to cross the huge map.Enemy soldiers patrol the roads and will open fire once they spot you. Attack by air and you will find a gunship coming at you or worse targeted surface to air missiles.The best chance of survival is to moving fast and quietly. And leaving your ride once you get close to the enemy.

Where is everyone?


Your teammates play an important role in wildlands. You will often find yourself in situations where you are outnumbered and outgunned so you have to work together to survive.You can issue your basic orders  FIRE REGROUP MOVE and HOLD, but the have their limitations too as sometimes your teammates wander in front of enemies blowing your cover and providing little cover fire when you are pinned down.

CO-OP Multiplayer


Wildlands is designed for four people co-op , so with the right people you can easily overcome the single player issues.But wildlands is a tactical game so playing it with people who play it same way as GTA online, well you are done then.